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The website saga continues (How to get rid of a lot of junk)

How to get rid of unnecessary website junk:

  1. Delete the pages that add nothing useful to the reader's experience
  2. Only post whenever it's necessary, so not about personal life stuff
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

In short, I decided to review my website and stuff I did. To be honest, the current content will be on my new website as I get my domain.

To get an own domain and a space where you can store your files for your website and your official emails requires a little bit of planning. It's not like "I want a website with lots of extras" - think about what you're going to pay for. If you want to plan to go for an own domain and a small personal space, i'd suggest going with a free hosting plan. If you want to sell something, you'd go for the business plans or higher, depending on your needs.

So that's what I'm going for:

And this won't cost me much.

Update 2021-06-01: ahha, I went for the .com domain instead :p Webhosting is done by Github, the email is done by mhosting, and that's all.