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Mapping my area and GPA calculator

This semester I had to take Physical Education in order to complete my 2 semesters of it (since it's a 2 semester subject) as soon as possible, so I took the chance. But, because of the pandemic situation, there are restrictions on entering the university, thus we have given the assignment to record either 100km of walking/running/rowing or 200 km of bicycle trips. But there are restrictions on them, that if we chose the 100 km walking(or running etc.), then 5 km minimum/trip and 15 km a week maximum that can be registered. The other one is minimum 20 km/trip and 40 km max a week. Also, we have to record these trips using Strava.

I chose walking. For the first few kilometers I was like, ok, let's find a suitable route which I can go on a daily basis. Then, I realized "this is ain't gonna be fun, let's find something interesting. Hmm. What about mapping my area?" Ah yes, the moment, when this awesome idea popped out of my mind, started realizing this isn't gonna be an easy challenge but for sure it's now much better in my area. Since i wrote an article on my OSM account (diaries), what I did when I map, I'll link that here: House address mapping in Rákospalota

It seems okay, when you try to map addresses, but after a while there are a lot of such retarded address interpolations on the sign and also on the houses the addresses are weirdly ordered.

Nowadays I literally made my 2-3 km radius of area much better and added tons of businesses, shops based on my photos. It wasn't easy to do, to be honest. After a while it starts to get exhausting. But i'll talk about this on OSM hour on March 29, 2021.

The other thing that I forgot to talk about that I made a good thing for the university students, I made a GPA calculator with special functionalities (like searching for subjects and then add it, but that's not implemented yet on the website of the Students' Council): my github repo and the implemented version on NIK HÖK. Note, what you can download from github is a slightly modified than what you can see on NIK HÖK, because the search option hadn't been implemented there, meanwhile i did it in mine.

To be honest, this GPA calculator (or here Weighted Academic Average, since we're not USA) existed in a form of an excel chart, but I didn't like it's implementation that I have to download an excel file where the calculation isn't done neatly and the interface isn't the most secure thing, i mean i can easily break the calculations by just wiping off a row in Excel where it's said "DON'T EDIT". So, that's why I did my input.