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Getting into university and mapping in OpenStreetMap

On July 23 I got into Óbuda University, so I'm happy. Now I just have to survive it(Since I'm trying to make a blog which contains little to zero nonsense, I won't make accounts on university stuff).

Also, i'm doing a lot nowadays in OpenStreetMap. I mapped Berekfürdő completely except a street, and drew houses to Parád, Parádfürdő, Bodony, Parádóhuta, Parádsasvár, Budapest's 15th district. I'm doing Elek today and Grăniceri, Romania. I plan to finish the 15th district in Budapest, and then move on to Karcag, Kunmadaras.

After that, I may start do some cities in the USA. (Fairmont-Morgantown area in WV, and Moundsville, WV) Cool, huh? But it takes a lot of time, and I maybe want to learn some Angular as well, but mapping to OSM takes my time. Well, nevermind.